ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WDVM) — Maryland lawmakers passed a bill to ban ghost guns in a vote of 92 to 41 on Tuesday.

Ghost guns are untraceable firearms but this new measure would mandate that guns made after Oct. 22, 1968, have serial numbers. If someone does have a firearm without a serial number they would need to have someone with a federal firearms license engrave their initials, zip code, and a unique number. Owners also need to make sure the newly etched number is officially recorded. 

Lawmakers specifically are concerned that ghost guns are bought on the internet without a background check and are easy for kids to purchase.

“The gun issue is very divisive and it need not be,” former Maryland General Attorney, Doug Gansler. “I don’t think people are trying to take law abiding citizens’ rights away. I don’t think people are saying you shouldn’t be able to protect your home or your family. People are saying you shouldn’t be able to buy illegal guns and use them to hurt or kill other people.”

The bill is now headed to Governor Hogan’s desk for signing.