Thousands of meals are being distributed across Maryland to help fight hunger in the state.

As a part of a partnership with the Governor’s Office and Maryland Department of General Services, approximately 500,000 donated meal kits from the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency have been loaded up in trucks and sent to different communities.

“What we’ve been doing is we have been going to all sections of the state. We’ve hit Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore, Southern Maryland, upcoming distributions in Baltimore City,” said Nick Cavey, director of communications with the Maryland Department of General Services.

In Western Maryland, meal kits have been delivered to food banks in both Hagerstown and Cumberland. From those locations, non-profits and churches will come in and give the kits to those in need.

“For food insecure individuals in Washington County, they need this assistance desperately to get them through a situation that they may be experiencing in their life right now. This will help them get over that hump and get through that tough period,” said Frank Ducey, programs manager of the Western Branch at Maryland Food Bank.

Locations in Washington County to receive these kits include Tabitha’s Table and Emmanuel Baptist Temple, among many others.