ROCKVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — Every year, Montgomery County produces over a million tons of trash, and with the growth of its population, that number will only grow.

Last year, the county managed to recycle 200,000 pounds of food waste. The county’s commercial food scraps recycling program is a partnership between the Department of Environmental Protection and commercial businesses. All of the scraps will be recycled into a beneficial soil amendment. So far, 11 partners joined the program, with each responsible for separating pre-consumer food scraps for recycling collection.

Each company was provided a 35-gallon food scraps recycling container, compostable bags and food scraps recycling collection service three times per week.

Resident Adam Ortiz said, “Businesses and individuals don’t have to have as much trash pick up, so that’s a savings there, and all that food turns into compost and goes back into the soil and we can grow more food from it.”

There are plans to continue the commercial food scraps recycling program as organizers are looking for more participants.

Video Courtesy: Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection