SMITHSBURG, Md. (WDVM) — Maryland Horse Rescue is known for caring for horses that no one wants anymore, especially blind and elderly horses. Last year they took in an abused horse who left them with a special surprise.

Cam, a horse with Maryland Horse Rescue is now celebrating his first birthday. He’s what some are calling a miracle horse.

Cam’s story starts with his mom Cassie who was brought to Maryland Horse Rescue a year ago after being neglected and starved. The rescue didn’t realize Cassie was pregnant at first, even after giving her four pregnancy tests all of which were inconclusive.

After Cassie kept getting bigger, the rescue finally confirmed she was pregnant and Cam was born last July. He is the first baby horse born at Maryland Horse Rescue in its over two decades of being open and is currently with cassie at a private farm in Smithsburg.

“When his mom cassie came to us she was pretty neglected so we weren’t sure you know if she got the nutrients and everything she would need to have a healthy baby but once she got here she got everything she needed and thank goodness we had a very healthy baby he’s striving growing like a weed every day,” said Tina Davis, Maryland Horse Rescue Board of Directors president.

Cam will be under the care of Maryland Horse Rescue for at least another year before he is put up for adoption. Cassie will eventually go up for adoption too.