MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — October is domestic violence awareness month and in honor of it Montgomery County’s Domestic Violence Coordinating Council is kicking off a campaign called #WalkInTheirShoesMoCo.

Through the month of October, the campaign shares the true stories of domestic violence survivors. The displays also feature pair of shoes representing each victim so those who are currently struggling know they are not alone and there is help available.  The displays will be at 65 sites across the county including all public libraries, rec centers, and police stations. 

“I prayed for my life,” said Cheryl Kravitz. “I pray that there will be a sign that somebody cared about me. He finally grabbed my arms and stuck them in the oven burning them on the rack and I fell screaming.”

It was that night that Kravitz says she promised herself if she made it out alive she would dedicate her life to helping victims of domestic abuse… and that’s exactly what she did.

“In those last 25 years that I have regularly knocked on her door, asking her to come with me and be there for the victims of domestic violence, she has never said no to me,” said Sheriff Darren Popkin.

In 2021 58 Marylanders lost their lives to domestic violence. 5 of them lived in Montgomery County and this year we’ve already lost that same amount. anyone who needs help is urged to call the family justice center at 240-773-0444.

“They are free, their immigration blind, they are confidential,” said Debbie Feinstein the Chief, Special Victims Division. “Please come and seek them out for yourself for a friend, a family member or a community member.’

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