HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — A roar of the most extensive collection of monster trucks filled the Hagerstown speedway over the weekend. The show has always been a staple event for the Hagerstown area, but this year was a little more special due to some very honorable guests.

“They’re about 12,000 pounds of trucks, 12 feet wide, 12 foot high, and about 1500 horsepower,” Promoter Mike Vator said. ” We race them against each other. We do what they call freestyle, where we stand them up on the front and ride wheelies.”

Initially, the monster truck event was owned by fed entertainment, but once word had gotten out that the show wasn’t coming back to the speedway, promoter Mike Vator reached out to a monster truck legend to bring it back.

“I was very honored to be contacted to come out to, you know, to come out to the Hagerstown Speedway and play trucks again,” Truck Driver Dennis Anderson said.

“I haven’t driven a monster truck in front of a crowd since my 30,35 anniversary that was in 2017, so now coming in front of these people tonight and all weekend long.”

The event will also allow fans to meet the legend himself but will also be able to take a ride in a monster truck themselves.

“If you’re a family and you haven’t ever been to a monster truck event, then don’t think about it anymore,” Anderson said. ” This is close enough to home; get off the couch, get a ticket, and come out and check it out.”

Tickets are still available for the rest of the weekend but are going fast.