MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — The Montgomery County Board of Elections said it is delaying certifying primary election results after it found 100 provisional ballots that needed to be counted.

The race between incumbent County Executive Marc Elrich and opponent David Blair for the Democratic primary is incredibly close. with only 42 votes separating them as of Friday morning.

Acting Election Director Alysoun McLaughlin said Thursday night that Montgomery County community members would have to wait a bit longer to find out the results. The board initially was scheduled to certify the results at a meeting Friday afternoon.

“Our precertification audit identified additional provisional ballots to be counted and the Board
of Elections will be unable to certify the election as scheduled at its meeting tomorrow
afternoon,” said McLaughlin. “Before asking the Board to certify any election, our staff conducts a comprehensive precertification audit. That audit includes an inspection of a random sampling of ballot envelopes and a reconciliation of the total number of voters who cast a ballot against the number of ballots

A news released stated that the audit included inspection of a random sampling of ballot envelopes. When the random sample was pulled, county officials were unable to find one of those envelopes where it should have been.

The county also said it was unable to resolve a discrepancy between the number of provisional ballots that staff had recommended the Board accept, compared to the number of ballots scanned.

“Together, these two pieces of information prompted a visual search of folders where provisional
ballots had been stored prior to the canvass,” said McLaughlin. “Those folders contained 102 unopened, sealed ballot envelopes that were never removed from their folders and presented to the canvass from the
following precincts.”

• Precinct 06-10 – 1 ballot
• Precinct 06-11 – 1 ballot
• Precinct 06-13 – 14 ballots
• Precinct 06-14 – 7 ballots
• Precinct 06-15 – 15 ballots
• Precinct 13-56 – 12 ballots
• Precinct 13-57 – 10 ballots
• Precinct 13-58 – 30 ballots
• Precinct 13-59 – 12 ballots

The board was scheduled to meet at 3:30 p.m. on Friday to discuss the findings of the audit and the schedule for canvass and certification.