MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — The Montgomery County Council voted to approve a gun regulation bill that would put in place stricter gun laws. 

Bill 21-22 passed with a vote of 8 to 0. This bill will ban firearms within 100 yards of public spaces such as parks, schools, and churches.

“There are countless numbers of incidences here locally and regionally and nationally that are continuing to underscore the importance of the notion that more guns is not the answer,” said Council President Gabe Albornoz.

The bill will also remove the exemption for those with wear and carry permits, but does not include police officers and security guards licensed to carry. Opponents of this legislation say it’s a violation of their constitutional rights and penalized law-abiding citizens.

“Those people have been background investigated to the ends of the earth,” said Mark Pennak, the President of Maryland Shall Issue. “They’re not the ones committing the problem. They’re not committing crimes. So the idea that they’re going to prevent violence gun violence by these individuals who have carry permits is simply ludicrous.”

This bill is in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in June that struck down certain limitations on certain limitations on concealed carry permits. Pennak also is a constitutional lawyer and says this decision by the council will be challenged in court. 

“The bill as enacted, basically becomes effective on the date of enactment, there’s no waiting period,” said Pennak. “So, this will go into effect very rapidly and we’ll be moving in court, equally rapidly.”

The council says they anticipate the general assembly will pass similar legislation statewide. The bill next heads to County Executive Marc Elrich’s desk.