MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — In a statement released on Friday afternoon, Montgomery County Marc Elrich spoke of a proposal that would stop payments from the county for “travel to states with policies that roll back a woman’s right to choose.”

“While we cannot directly affect other states actions, we can make certain Montgomery County does not provide additional revenue to states which are unwelcome to women’s freedom,” Elrich said in the statement.

The proposal was sent to Chief Administrative Officer Richard S. Madaleno and would affect Montgomery County employees who may be traveling to another state with laws banning abortions.

“This ruling turns the clock back on the progress that has been made to ensure the right of women to have an abortion. This is not about law, this is about a twisted ideology. The irony is that this decision comes one day after we celebrated Title IX and its impact on the progress of women,” Elrich said in his statement.

Maryland is a state with abortion protections in place.

“Here in Montgomery County, we moved quickly to get ahead of this decision. I recommended the supplemental allocation of $1 million to help support women’s health services in our area,” Elrich said.