MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Three people were injured in a fire at the Twin Towers apartment building that fire officials said was caused by an e-scooter battery that malfunctioned.

Fire officials in Montgomery County say they are seeing more fires started by e-scooters and are spreading the word on how to prevent it — they said that when these batteries catch fire, they can have a blow torch effect.

“Unfortunately, this was a scooter battery that was charging and blocked his way out,” said Pete Piringer. “He got burned in the process, and the good thing is, as he exited his apartment, he did close the door behind him, and that action probably saved some lives.”

Fire officials say lithium-ion batteries in electric bikes and scooters can catch fire if damaged or used incorrectly. To prevent these fires you should: use the correct charger, not overcharge them, not charge them while sleeping or unattended and not charge them near the front door.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary like an unusual odor, change in color, leaking, or smoking, you should no longer use your device.