MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Montgomery County Police recently made an arrest for the murder of 19-year-old Keon Jones. 

This indictment marked a 100 percent closure rate for all homicides the department investigated in 2022. Chief Marcus Jones says he doesn’t remember a time in his career the department has had a 100 percent closure rate on homicides. Jones says generally their closure rate is 40 to 85 percent. He attributes the success to advances in technology such as DNA evidence, but also just good police work. 

“We want to bring closure, particularly to the victim’s family,” said Chief Jones.

In comparison to the district- DC’s homicide closure percentage is 52 percent. Montgomery County police say they work with their partners in the region because many times making an arrest helps solve crimes in other jurisdictions as well.

“We have DNA being entered into the system properly and were able to match DNA hits from our crimes as well, that’s a success. ” said Chief Jones. “Not just for the Montgomery County Police Department, but our regional success.”

Resident Jenesia Getter says making an arrest is just the first step. These crimes still need to be prosecuted by the State’s Attorney’s office.

“Although they may be doing their job and doing the policing and arresting people, they are letting them go,’ said Getter. “The charges are not sticking.”