GERMANTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — Dozens of people in Montgomery County came together to stand against the violence that they see in their area at the “Stop The Violence Peace Walk” in Germantown.

“We had several hundred residents, both children and adults, attend and actively participate in all phases of the Peace Walk. I was proud to live in Montgomery County to see how children and adults stepped up as leaders to help end gun violence,” said Luis Cardona, Administrator for HHS Positive Youth Development Program. “This event helps the Community most impacted by this violence to lead County Government to work collaboratively to help end gun violence.  The words and pain expressed by the mothers of children lost to gun violence is that call to action as a county and community.”

The event was hosted by Germantown community leaders and the DHH outreach network. Mothers and family members who lost their loved ones to violence spoke out and shared their stories.

“This sacred event is critical to help support mothers that have lost their children to senseless violence. In addition, like the rest of the nation, as the county does its best to address the crisis in gun violence, we are experiencing any chance of success must include the leadership of the Community,” said Cardona.

Organizers say the biggest message they want to send from this event is residents need to do their part by uniting and parents should do their best to support their children.

“It is imperative for all of us as residents of this County to do our part to help put an end to gun violence while at the same time ensure that parents continue to do their best to support their children to learn to deal with trauma in a manner that does not create trauma for other children. There is a significant political will to support all children in the County and we must make sure as parents that we stay consistent in doing so as well,” said Cardona.