KENSINGTON, Md. (DC News Now) — Montgomery County parents are frustrated after another anti-semitic act but this time it was a drawing in a school classroom at Silver Creek Middle School.

“This has to stop and I’m angry. That creates a climate of fear, no child should ever have to be afraid of going to school that they’re going to see a symbol of hate,” said Joel Rubin, a parent of a Silver Creek Middle School student and Vice-Mayor of the town of Chevy Chase.

“As my middle daughter said yesterday, another incident another swastika. It’s all in a sense that this is just so common and pervasive, and she has to deal with it,” he continued.

In a letter to families the principal Dr. Tiffany Awkard says a swastika drawing was found on a desk in a classroom. It was removed quickly.
“As a no place for hate school we find this behavior to be unacceptable and against the core values we embrace at Silver Creek. As such, students who engage in this type of behavior will be given appropriate disciplinary actions aligned with the MCPS student code of conduct,” she wrote.

Rubin is a member of the jewish community, he says he appreciates Dr. Awkard for condemning this act.

“It’s important that the school leadership is proactive and telling people early and taking it seriously and clearly she is but this is the kind of hate that nobody should tolerate,” said Rubin.

This is one of many acts of antisemitism Montgomery County has seen over the last year. In December antisemitic graffiti was found at Walt Whitman High School.

“This now feels like a pattern that is significant and systemic. It feels as if there is now an acceptance in the population of hate speech and antisemitism, that it is okay to do, maybe even cool, maybe even we’ll get someone’s attention and that’s very dangerous,” he said.

Rubin is encouraging leaders and the community to continue speak out and learn about the history behind it.

“What are actionable items to take to really ensure that there’s strong education, that people understand that this is not to be tolerated, and that we turn back this tide of hate this hate that we’ve seen in our social media in our politics, throughout our society now the last half dozen years in particular,” he said.

The middle school principal says a student town hall will be scheduled to readdress the school’s core values and to discuss the importance of being a No Place for Hate school which will help combat antisemitism, racism, hatred and bias in all forms.

“I think that the critical thing to remember is that we never should accept hate, we should always stand up aggressively against it, and we should not have fear,” said Rubin.