MARYLAND (DC News Now) — For Montgomery County residents, cooking with gas could be a thing of the past. Could neighboring jurisdictions see similar changes next?

The county proposed that by 2026 new home construction cannot feature a natural gas-powered appliance. The ban aims to reduce ethane emissions.

The American Gas Association said bans like this one are a growing trend.

“If you’re big into cooking, you’ll insist on the gas stove,” says Rah Powell, real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway.

For some home buyers, not having a gas range could be a deal breaker.

Taylor Oliver is a homebuilder and said most people who have had gas appliances in the past want them in their new homes.

“If they’ve previously had gas they want to keep their gas. If you don’t have gas, you can do whatever you want, and that will be fine,” said Oliver.

Powell said, “Me? It wouldn’t bother me — but I’m not a cook.”

Oliver has been through similar regulatory battles, such as mandates for stricter industry standards on treated wood.

“This is an important issue. It’s something to be dealt with,” said Oliver. “The industry will work through the process.”

Powell said he thinks it comes down to preferences buyers will insist on.

“For most people, if you’re used to the gas stove you probably won’t want to switch,” said Powell.

The Biden administration is giving localities federal dollars to convert gas appliances to electric power. The D.C. City Council is considering legislation to install electric stoves in households with annual incomes under $80,000.