SILVER SPRING, Md. (DC News Now) — Karen Lee is the CEO of Seeking Employment, Equality and Community (SEEC) – she took the lead back in 1990 and continues to move forward.

“When I started, we were working with 10 people,” she said. “Now we are helping more than 300 men and women.”

SEEC is based out of Silver Spring, Md. – it provides support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities at their homes and in the workplace.

“People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have a right to belong in their communities,” said Lee. “They have the same right to work and thrive in the same vein that you and I have.”

SEEC team members help place people with disabilities in jobs that match their skills. Lee says they make sure the people they represent are in a work environment where they can make a strong daily contribution.

“We don’t push for pitty hires,” said Lee. “There is not enough money in the world for an employer to hire someone because they have a disability.”

Karen continues to look for ways to grow SEEC and improve their services. She says the satisfaction of seeing people with disabilities grow, as well as the dedication of her team, keeps her motivated.

“My first love is the service that we continue to do,” said Lee. “We will continue to push the envelope and make a difference in the lives of others.”