SILVER SPRING, Md. (DC News Now) — Several birds died in a bird coop fire in Silver Spring late Tuesday morning, officials said.

Fire and rescue was called to Kayson Street for a fire in an aviary shelter with chickens and ducks in it. When firefighters put out the fire, it had spread to two sheds and the coop, resulting in around $5,000 in damages.

Pete Piringer with Montgomery County Fire and Rescue said that most of the chickens and ducks in the coop had moved to an attached ‘run’ area, escaping the fire. He said that several of the resident fowl were ‘displaced’ after their coop was destroyed.

Officials found that the coop had a heat lamp hanging from the ceiling above the area that sustained the most damage. Investigators believed that the lamp fell to the floor and ignited the birds’ bedding material, starting the fire.