SILVER SPRING, Md. (DC News Now) — Two Montgomery County high schools won’t be playing football on the gridiron this weekend.

The reason, school officials announced this week, was due to a brawl on the sidelines of a game last Friday night between Northwood High School and John F. Kennedy High School at the end of the first quarter at Northwood’s field.

Montgomery County officials in a letter to parents from both schools declared their game a “double forfeit, meaning a loss will be awarded to both schools” and was supported by the two principals.

Because students on both teams were suspended from playing, both schools will have to forfeit their upcoming games this weekend, according to the letter.

Students who attended both schools weren’t surprised by the action.

“Northwood vs. Kennedy is always crazy. Something always goes down,” said Axel Diaz, a junior at Kennedy. “I wasn’t surprised, to be honest. I didn’t think much of it. Because something always goes down at these games. It’s a rivalry.”

The battle royal-like brawl was caught on video and spread widely on social media platforms. It featured players fighting each other, still with football gear on, while cheerleaders on the sidelines kept cheering and parents rushed down the bleachers.

“Stuff’s going to be heated,” said Alejandro Rivera, a senior at Northwood. He didn’t attend the game but saw the footage later plastered all over social media.

“It, you know, went on Instagram. It was loud. People have fun. It was entertaining,” Rivera said.

But it wasn’t entertaining to school officials, who declined to comment on whether students would get suspended from school or expelled due to privacy laws.

Diaz, who plays on Kennedy’s soccer team, said it’s a black eye on both schools.

“So everyone knows them as that, and I think it just looks bad on them because, like, no one wants to be known as like the school that fights all the time,” he said.

Rivera took a more optimistic approach to the fallout from the brawl.

“It’s sad, you know,” Rivera said. People are “bummed out, but we’ll have another one,” he added.