FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Imagine sending your child to school, then receiving a call about them having a seizure, but once you get to your child you find them in critical condition or worse, all because the school did not have the proper training to see the signs of epilepsy or give the right support.

This is the reality and fear for many parents, which is why one local mother in Frederick county is proposing a bill called the “Brynleigh Act.”

Lauren Shillinger is the mother of eight-year-old Brynleigh. Her daughter has epilepsy and constantly fears not having the right support at school. Why Lauren has brought a bill to the Maryland General Assembly to implement change for the epilepsy community. 

“Brynleigh’s Act for Seizures Safe Schools Maryland would provide training that’s free from the National Epilepsy Foundation for teachers and nurses and administrators. It would provide the ability for families to have a seizure action plan on file which is an individualized plan for how to help a student with epilepsy based on their plan that comes from their doctor,” said Shillinger.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation located in Maryland, for every 913 students, there is only one seizure-trained school nurse on-site. The state of Maryland has no requirements for any school personnel to be trained on seizure safety.

“We’ve unfortunately had students in Maryland that have passed away from negligence and we cannot have another student be injured or pass away from lack of easy free education. It’s time people know what to do during a seizure emergency,” said Shillinger.