MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Catherine Hoggle, the mother of two missing Montgomery County children and a suspect in the case, was questioned on Thursday in a competency hearing.

Her children, Sarah and Jacob, were last seen in 2014. Hoggle must be found competent to stand trial by December 1, otherwise charges against her will be dropped.

Her doctor said that she can answer basic questions, but due to her diagnosed schizophrenia, she would move to an unrelated topic.

“As a result of her psychosis, whether or not she can think and analyze and decide things in a reasonable and rational way to assist with her defense — there has never been a question that the answer to that question is no,” said Hoggle’s defense attorney, David Felsen.

The father of the children, Troy Turner, had talked to Hoggle about competency shortly after her arrest.

Another hearing is set for next Wednesday, when prosecutors will cross-examine another doctor.