GAITHERSBURG, Md. (DC News Now) — Vinod Mishra could only stare at his first-floor condominium through a fence at the Potomac Oaks Condominium Complex two days after an explosion tore through the building.

“It’s sad to see it in this shape,” Mishra said.

There appears to be no damage to the building that stands two buildings from where Wednesday’s deadly explosion happened.

Mishra’s thoughts also drifted to the family that rents from him — they just moved in this month.

“Tenants have not been able to get any of their clothes from there,” said Mishra. “It’s a difficult situation, somebody with two little kids.”

The devastation has limited just first responders as the only people allowed into the blast area.

Koran Johnson lives near the complex and got his first look at the damage Friday morning.

“I did not expect the amount of devastation that I saw,” said Koran Johnson, who visited the scene on Friday for the first time. “I expected to see maybe some fires, some damage. But I did not expect to see the entire building just decimated.”

Johnson usually walks through this area but did not on Wednesday because of the weather. That’s left him a bit remorseful.

“I feel bad because maybe if I was, maybe I could have helped someone because I would have been walking by at the time. You just don’t know,” Johnson said.

Crews continue to remove the debris from the blast. Mishra’s building still stands. But he wonders for how much longer.

“If it gets demolished, what happens to the tenants? What happens to us financially?” Mishra asked.

There’s no word when people who live in the other buildings in the blast area will be allowed back inside to gather their personal items.