MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — After the plane crash on Sunday night, some neighbors are voicing their concerns over the airpark being so close to their homes.

Citizens for Airpark Safety, a local activist group, said they’ve voiced their concerns about the airpark’s location for years. Loud noise, exposure to lead through aviation fuel, and low-flying airplanes are just some of the safety risks the group’s founder Catherine Wallenmeyer has raised.

This week, she sent a letter to the council saying communities are placed at risk on a daily basis because of the airpark. 

“A lot of energy spent on protecting the airport and not protecting the citizens and the community,” said Wallenmeyer.

Kevin Linck is the president of the East Village Homes Corporation, which includes around 1,400 homes near the airport. He said he has been vocal about this issue for more than 6 years and is glad the crash wasn’t worse. 

“We’re concerned every day that I’m afraid someone’s gonna call me and say the plane just went into a house or home and killed one of my neighbors,” said Linck.

Last Tuesday, residents met with the Montgomery County Revenue Authority (MCRA) which owns and operates the airpark. County President Albornoz says that the meeting was held at the urging of the council.

“There’s nothing more important than the safety and security of all of our county residents,” said Albornoz. “And we look forward to those ongoing discussions and if appropriate acting upon whatever recommendations are out there that the council has within its purview.”