SILVER SPRING, Md. (WDVM) — As most would probably agree, no one likes paying tolls on the roadways, as it can sometimes cause an inconvenience, but a new app launched in the area to help.

Uproad is an app that serves multiple states, and it’s now available on nine Maryland roads. It’s a new way for drivers to pay tolls and budget for trips. A recent study shows tolls are stressful for many drivers, as it causes congestion and long toll lines, and at times, many aren’t aware of the exact toll charges. With the app, drivers can see alerts when they’re on toll roads, which will help them navigate through.

Uproad can be used to pay tolls on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, I-895 Baltimore Harbor, Maryland 200, and some tolls in Northern Virginia. Andrew Peppard, Director of Operations at Uproad said, “We have thousands upon thousands of customers around the nation, and we processed hundreds of thousands of tolls for our users. We are growing every day, and we welcome folks from the DMV and the greater northeast area.”

Uproad will soon cover tolls throughout the nation. For more information visit