WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — A new judge was appointed to Washington County’s Circuit Court on Friday. After former Judge Daniel Dwyer retired and left a vacancy on the bench, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan picked Joseph S. Michael to fill in the seat.

Michael said he intends to run for the position again in November and is confident in his ability to win. If he does, he would serve for 14 years, reaching the mandatory retirement age one year before the end of his full term.

But on Friday, Michael was just excited to celebrate his swearing-in. And Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch even attended the event.

“I’m elated, I’m flattered, I’m humbled by all my friends and the number of judges that came,” Michael said. “And having a supreme court justice here is just — really, I’m over the moon about that.”

Michael explained that he respects the work Dwyer did during his time in the position and Michael does not plan to change things too drastically