WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Public safety is one of the many top priorities in Washington County and now students will have a brand new training center where they can better learn and perfect their craft in order to serve the people in the community.

“The dream come true is being able to open up this new center, opened up all these new opportunities for individuals to train here within the county,” Deputy Director Kevin Lewis said.

The training center has been a two-year project for the county and until now there was no facility that focused on training all first responders.

“It allows us to train hopefully the people here and we can keep them here versus now when they may have to travel to the other major cities, major metropolitan areas to receive the levels of training that they can receive here,” Lewis explained.

Previously Sara Sutton attended Hagerstown Community College for police pre-academy courses. Now with this new facility, she finds it much easier to learn.

“We needed to make sure we’ve kept the college separate from the police academy and this building itself kind of condenses all that everyone in here is a first responder whether they’re paramedic, law enforcement or fire,” police academy student Sara Sutton.

Once the center is completed students will be able to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to real-world situations.

“I can pretty much almost guarantee that every EMS provider in this county that will come through this building will be a better provider, especially with the instructors and the administrators that this place employs,” paramedic student Zach Robyson said.