CLARKSBURG, Md. (DC News Now) — Montgomery County Police took a juvenile into custody after a group of kids stole and subsequently crashed a car in Clarksburg on Wednesday, October 11.

Police were initially called to the area of Clarksburg Square Road and Catawba Hill Drive just before midnight on Thursday for a hit and run.

Video of the crash captured on a nearby doorbell camera showed multiple kids running from the car just after the crash.

The crash woke neighbors up, and some saw the incident happen. Usman Mazhar said it startled his dog. He said, “Just to be startled in general with the crash, but to come out and look and see that it was kids and they’re running. Yeah, that was kind of odd because they did not look like they were the age of driving.”

Police on the scene told DC News Now they believed the kids were about 12 years old. The crash damaged four different cars in the neighborhood, split a tree in half, and tore a no-parking sign out of the ground.

Neighbors said their first priority was to make sure everyone was safe, however, they were disturbed to hear it was a group so young. Mazhar said, “What we can do is just be more diligent having things like cameras and whatnot, which, you know, I mean, honestly, it is 2023 and it’s become a necessity at this point. It’s sad, but here we are.”

Mazhar also said he hopes this crash leads to more speed bumps in the neighborhood to keep people from speeding down the street.