MARYLAND (DC News Now) — Online sports betting in Maryland is now live after 7 sportsbooks launched at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. Many people are celebrating, but others aren’t completely on board.

The apps listed below are now available for bettors in Maryland. Bettors must be 21 or older and physically in the state of Maryland, but don’t need to be Maryland residents.

  • Barstool Sportsbook, partnered with Hollywood Casino in Perryville.
  • BetMGM, partnered with MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill.
  • BetRivers, partnered with Bingo World in Brooklyn Park.
  • Caesars Sportsbook, partnered with Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore City.
  • DraftKings, partnered with Crown MD Online Gaming, which plans to open at the Maryland Fairgrounds.
  • FanDuel, partnered with Maryland Live! Casino and Hotel in Hanover.
  • PointsBet, partnered with Riverboat on the Potomac in Charles County.

Johnny Avello, Director of Race and Sports Operations at DraftKings, explained that bettors essentially have a sportsbook in their pocket that can be accessed at any time.

Wes Richardson used to drive out of state from Prince George’s County to place his bets. He explained how inconvenient and frustrating it was to not only drive out of his home state to gamble only to then face lines and delays when placing his bets. Now he’s looking forward to the convenience and he’s feeling lucky.

“It’s about time because I’ve been doing it consistently probably since like last November when they opened the sportsbooks,” Richardson explained. “As soon as I get off [of work], I’m putting some things together for the NFL games on Thanksgiving and I might do something for the NBA games tonight.”

Silver Spring resident Mark McIntosh is excited to try his hand but says he needs to learn the system before he places any bets.

“I’m learning so I’m ready, man,” McIntosh said, excitedly. “I’m ready to take full effect on it, whatever it reaps if I reap good or bad. So I’m excited, man. It’s a good thing in Maryland.”

Others aren’t on board with the new ease of betting. Steve Cosby is frustrated that Maryland is supporting and promoting gambling.

“I think gambling of all kinds is taking advantage of the poor and I don’t think we as a state should be promoting it in any way,” Cosby said. “I think a private institution like a casino is more acceptable because you have to go out and go there deliberately whereas online betting makes it accessible to everybody without effort and it just seems predatory.”

DraftKings is one of the seven sportsbooks to launch. Avello told DC News Now that they have built-in protections for addictive behaviors.

“We are totally aware of the problems gambling, we address it and we spend millions of dollars on it,” Avello explained. “We have some protections for the customers; that would be deposit limits, limits on wagers. So our staff is trained to look for certain things and address those when they happen.”

There was a test period on Monday afternoon where apps were able to work out any potential problems but DraftKings told DC News Now that they didn’t have any issues and don’t foresee any popping up.