MARYLAND (DC News Now) — Mobile sports betting on devices like computers and cell phones will be available for Marylanders on Wednesday.

With just two more days until the launch, DC News Now reporter Katie Rhee spoke with people on both sides of the betting fence. Some people love the new avenue for betting, excited by the accessibility.

Mobile betting should also generate an increase in revenue for restaurants and businesses while creating a fun and exciting new experience for fans. Miko Wynn was excited at the prospect of not having to leave his home or wherever he is in the state to place a bet on a sports game.

“Yes, it’s extremely convenient for me,” Wynn explained. “I would definitely invest monetarily into it because it’s a really big market right now.”

Dichelle Holmes wasn’t planning to bet on any games but supported the new method of betting.

“I think it’s cool. I think, you know, you should always be able to do whatever you want on your phone, everything else you can do on your phone,” Holmes said. “I personally don’t gamble. I hate to lose.”

Two years ago, Marylanders were introduced to the topic of sports betting was previously when the issue of legalizing the practice was a ballot question. Now, introducing the ability to place bets on mobile devices will make sports betting more accessible than ever.

Some people are concerned about the addictive behaviors that accessibility could bring.

Nick Gaetano said he voted to legalize sports betting and still stands by his affirming vote as he believes it could help the economy. Still, ahead of mobile sports betting’s launch on Wednesday, he has his reservations about this new mode.

“It’s just asking people to be reasonable and responsible and that can be tough to do sometimes,” Gaetano explained. “For me, I think it’s also a little bit of a risk because you don’t see the money leaving your account, you don’t really see the money changing hands, you may not know until the end of the month, ‘This is how much I really lost while I was betting.'”

Tony Bryant started sports betting back in 2020. He used to drive to Pennsylvania and then Virginia from Laurel, Md. to place his bets, but on Monday, he spoke with DC News Now reporter Katie Rhee from the place where he’ll be placing his bets on Wednesday: in the comfort of his own home.

“It’s been a long journey, so I’m very excited that finally, I can bet from my sofa. When you’re at home you missed out on a lot of the live betting money,” Bryant said. “For instance, I have to go plan my whole day in advance what I’m going to bet, as opposed to being able to bet live in games or on games. So it’s just a matter of convenience.”

For the last year, Maryland only allowed in-person sports betting at casinos. Dr. Rodney Paul is a professor and the director of the Sports Analytics program at Syracuse University. While he knows the benefits mobile betting can present, both to the consumer as another way to enjoy sports games as well as the economy with the tax revenue, he has this warning about potentially enabling the addictive behaviors of gambling.

“They think it’s easy because they think they know sports but knowing about sports, versus being able to beat the bookie is a very, very different proposition. If they spread themselves out too thin, betting too many games, betting too much and it gets to obviously be problematic,” Dr. Paul explained. “So, I think that any situation where people can get into spending that puts themselves or their families in danger is something to be concerned about.”

A “controlled demonstration” or a beta testing period was rolled out between 2 and 10 p.m. on Monday on several mobile apps ahead of the official launch. No mobile bets will be allowed on Tuesday before the final launch which will happen on Wednesday.