GERMANTOWN, Md (WDVM) – As the economic impact from the pandemic passes the 6-month mark, organizations banded together to find methods of dealing with food insecurity.

The result is DMV food recovery week, a series of mostly virtual events outlining the various ways to reduce food waste and become more self-sustainable.

The week ended at the Red Wriggler Community Farm which donates and sells their produce through their Community-Supported Agriculture program.

“We decided early on in March to go ahead and set a goal of distributing 50% of our total harvest to our neighbors in need,” Wriggler Farm founder and director Woody Woodroof said. “And we sell 50% to our community at fair prices.”

Woodroof said he hopes people will consider growing their own food as a method of appreciating the process and reducing food waste.

“Even if it’s a small thing. A basil plant, a lettuce plant, a kale plant, or maybe even a tomato or pepper plant in a pot,” Woodroof said. “Everybody can be a part of the food economy.”

Manna Food Center CEO Jackie DeCarlo said the pandemic has strengthened their partnerships with other organizations in the community as they look for additional ways to help the thousands of families still facing food insecurity.

“We’re just looking to the fall season and we’re trying to be realistically optimistic,” DeCarlo said. “We’re putting plans into place to make sure that we have enough food, enough volunteers, and that we can reach everybody who needs us this holiday season.”