KETTERING, Md. (DC News Now) — A 17-year-old lost her life in a car accident on Sunday in Kettering, Maryland. Now, her close friend who survived the crash is sharing her story.

Janiyah Thompson and four other people were on their way home from the pool when suddenly the car ran into a tree near Kettering Drive and Kettering Place. Thompson later died and her siblings, mother, and friend were hurt in the wreck.

Prince George’s County Police responded to the scene of a single crash just before 6 p.m. on Sunday. The driver and passengers were taken to the hospital. Police say the cause of the crash is still under investigation.

“All I remember was me looking up and then we swerved and after the first swerve, instantly had blacked out and I don’t remember nothing that happened after that,” said Deja Burton, a passenger in the crash.
Burton suffered several injuries including a black eye. After leaving the hospital she learned on social media that her best friend Thompson who was also a passenger didn’t make it.

“I just instantly started screaming and crying and crying and crying. It just hurts my heart so bad. Because one minute you can be talking to them… in the next minute they’re going to be gone. And it just crushed me,” said Burton.

Now she’s holding on to the last moments she spent with Thompson.

“She was just overall a very loving person. Very joyful. It was nothing but laughs and giggles were her. She was very she was she had a very very, very big heart like a very big heart no matter,” she said.

Loved ones are placing photos, balloons and flowers on the tree where the accident happened. Burton said she is handling the pain from her best friend’s loss day by day.

“When I see pictures and videos of us and just have her in general. Yeah, I just so we start breaking down but it’s a very slow process for me right now,” she said.

She hopes people remember Thompson for her joyful spirit.

“Very big, heart loving person joyful. Nothing but smiles. Every time you see her smile, she has a nice pretty big smile. It was like every time you see her smile, it just brightens up your day no matter what,” she said.

The family is still working on funeral arrangements and but if you’re interested in helping you can donate to their GoFundMe.