FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — People gather for a Memorial Day ceremony at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Frederick, M.d. to honor fallen heroes.

Shawnta DiFalco said she takes this day to remember her friends and family who fought for the country while sharing her family’s military history with her children.

“Jake was my good friend and Memorial Day is about family and it’s about friends and it’s about all the connection we make in our life,” DiFalco said.

It’s a day citizens should be grateful for, she added.

“There are ideals that we have in this world that are bigger than who we are as individuals and some of those ideas are freedom and maintaining this lifestyle as Americans we’re blessed to live,” DiFalco said.

Donna Freitag also has military family members and memories.

“My husband served in the United States Army, he was a paratrooper, [I’m] proud of that,” Freitag said. “My dad was in the military, he was in World War II, Korea and then the Honor Guard after that.”

Past commander Wayne Kaikko let his granddaughter participate and join in on the ceremony.

“Part of our pillar are children and youth and if we can instill these values in the children and youth, it’s that much of like icing on the cake for us,” Kaikko said.

Some families who have lost a loved one showed their support by wearing a red poppy flower which is a symbol for support of veterans. It remembers soldiers who have given their lives for their country and honor the dedication and sacrifice.