Hundreds of activists from around the four-state region were in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday chanting to the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan (R), to reject the pipeline for fracked gas. 

“What brings me and 250 people way out here tonight Annapolis is to tell Governor Hogan, no Potomac Pipeline,” said Williamsport, Md. resident, Brent Walls. 

The rally called, “March on the Mansion,” is to bring together residents from Maryland, West Virginia, and D.C. to tell the Gov. Hogan, to reject the Potomac Pipeline for fracked gas. 

“Our mission is a righteous one,” said Wenonah Hunter, Food and Water Watch. “We are here to demand justice for the people on the front lines of this pipeline.”

The Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project would cross Maryland and go underneath the Potomac River. 

Organizations say if the project would go through, it could impact drinking water for six million people. 

“Together, we will make sure that this pipeline does not get built,” said Senator senator Richard Madaleno, D-18. “We invest into technology that will project us forward the clean energy.” 

Men, women, and children gathered around Hogan’s mansion to be heard. 

“I feel like it is a very important thing to not do this pipeline,” said Ivy Hale, Morgan County, W.Va. resident. “I feel like it is very destructive and it is not right to take other peoples land without permission.”

WDVM did reached out to Hogan’s Administration and received a statement from the Deputy Director from the Office of Communications from the Maryland Department of Environment. The statement said, “The Maryland Department of Environment is completing its robust review of this application in coordination with other agencies, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.” “We will insist that any pipeline be subject to stringent environmental safeguards to protect Maryland’s environment.” 

As each person chanted, protestors hope Gov. Hogan heard them. 

Organizations participating in the action include: the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Easter Panhandle Protectors, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, Potomac Riverkeeper Network, Waterkeeps Chesapeake, Sierra Club, and Food and Water Watch. 

Hogan signed a bill to ban fracking in April 2017.