HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — The People’s Convoy is back in Hagerstown!

On Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of trucks and cars arrived at the Hagerstown Speedway welcoming the convoy’s return.

The reasons are different from the drivers, but there are some common themes.

“It’s the shape the country’s in because it’s gotten a lot worse since the last time,” said Lorne Smith, a first-time trucker at People’s Convoy.

One trucker who just joined the convoy said he wants to bring awareness to certain things happening in the country.

“I bumped into them, and they weren’t at the truck stop and I said why not. The rates are terrible. Everything is terrible. Mothers don’t have milk, the formula they feed the babies,” said Smith.

Supporters came from all over the country to join the people’s convoy, some driving cross-country from Pennsylvania to California and now back.

“I took the rest of the week off to be out here with them,” said supporter Holly Heister.

“I wanted to be there from the beginning, so my mother, my sister and I drove out to California,” said supporter Hannah.

Some people in Hagerstown worry the people’s convoy coming back is unnecessary and will cause traffic back-ups.

“People have been late for work, whereas usually, it takes you 10 minutes to get across town. Now it takes you 45 minutes to an hour, so it is affecting the everyday life around here in Washington County,” said Chauncey Baylor.

Last time, the People’s Convoy stalled outside of Washington due to blocked off roads. This time they plan on actually making it inside the district.

Truckers told us they don’t know exactly when they’ll head out to Washington.