MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Perry Paylor is currently the Deputy State’s Attorney of Prince George’s County, but he will now be running to be Montgomery County’s next State’s Attorney.

Paylor said justice is evolving, but not at the appropriate pace in Montgomery County, and he knows he is the person to take the county to that next step. Some of his main priorities if elected would be expanding diversion programs, rethinking how we treat juvenile offenders, getting rid of cash bail, intensifying the focus on protecting elders, and creating a conviction and sentencing integrity unit. 

Paylor also criticized the lack of diversity currently at the State’s Attorney Office and emphasized the importance of it reflecting the community.

“You have to make sure that fairness and equity is always apart of any consideration that you have moving forward,” said Paylor. “And one of the things that when you talk about criminal justice reform, you have to always remember, you cannot lose the voice of the victim.”

Paylor will be running against incumbent Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy in the 2022 democratic primary. Two other candidates: Bernice Mireku-North and Thomas Degonia have announced their candidacy as well.