MARYLAND ( WDVM ) — September is self-improvement month and despite the pandemic, personal trainers, and body-positive advocates are encouraging the public to take care of yourself.

According to, self-improvement month reminds the public that we all need to improve and we all need to care for ourselves.

It’s an opportunity for many to assess how satisfied they are with themselves and to take the necessary steps to become who they aspire to be.

Trainers from body positive bootcamp in Washington, D.C say now is a great time to work on self improvement.

With many things shut down and the world on pause it is a great opportunity for individuals to fully work on themselves physically and mentally.

” Depression rates are increasing and moving your body every day, it improves your mood, makes you feel better about yourself, and there’s no better time to start self-improvement then right now,” said fitness trainer, Bianca Russo.

Personal trainers from Body Positive boot camp say take some time to improve yourself and setting goals can help you get on the right path.