TEMPLE HILLS, Md. (DC News Now) — In the desperate search for answers in the killing of 13-year-old Jayz Agnew, Prince George’s County Police canvassed the Temple Hills community.

“We are out here because we know that there’s somebody in this community that has information that can help us like you,” said Major David Blazer, commander of the Prince George’s County crime unit.

Police knocked on doors, spoke to neighbors, and even left behind flyers all week in hopes of finding any information that would lead them to the person who killed the teen.

“What the Agnew family is experiencing today and will continue to experience is a tragedy that no parent should have ever experienced the loss of a child much less to senseless gun violence,” said Blazer. “So we’re out here today to try to reach every member of the community that we haven’t talked to yet to try to get that piece of information that’s going to help us ultimately give the answers that the Agnew family deserves.”

DC News Now sat down with Jayz’s parents Wednesday, who were pleading for their son’s killer to come forward.

“What you did is terrifying. It’s painful, wrong, wrong, wrong, uncalled for. It just hurts, it really hurts. So I just plea whoever it is clear your heart, just turn yourself in because it’s unjust, it’s unjust, and he didn’t deserve it,” said his mother, Juanita Agnew.

“Whether it’s accidental or whatever it’s what we have to live with, that you did something that really was senseless. Our child is gone and we can’t do anything to fix this. Maybe you didn’t even mean to do it, so take responsibility at this point. You know, if anyone saw anything, please this is the time that you come home,” said his father Antoine Agnew.

Jayz’s younger sister is demanding justice not just for their family but for everyone who lost a loved one from senseless gun violence.

“It’s not just because of Jayz, it’s for all of those mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers that lost their family members, somebody that they loved. So just a little reminder, if you see something sketchy you need to say something and turn it in,” she said.

Prince George’s County Police are still searching for suspects, and they’re encouraging anyone with any information to contact police or crime solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477). You can remain anonymous, and there is a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to the suspect.