MARYLAND (WDVM) — A poll conducted by AAA said that 89% of Maryland residents would not be traveling this Thanksgiving. Of those who are not traveling, 50% said they are not traveling because of COVD-19.

“Thanksgiving is always one of those holidays where everyone wants to be with their family and friends, but this year is certainly different because of the pandemic,” said AAA Mid-Atlantic public & government affairs manager Ragina Ali.

Ali said that AAA worked with a polling company to conduct a “local survey” of almost 900 Maryland residents. They held this about two weeks ago.

“I think it’s incumbent upon all of us to listen. Obviously, the decision to travel is a very very personal one, so we recognize that many people will still be traveling over the weekend; I know the airports were rather full. But that being said, it’s still significantly less, we believe, than in previous years,” Ali said.

Ali said that she and her husband are cutting back from their typical Thanksgiving of around 18 family members to just the two of them to follow restrictions and guidelines set by health officials.

For those who are traveling, Ali suggested using AAA’s travel map with COVID restrictions to understand what restrictions you may have to follow.

“If you’re going to make that decision to travel, we really want to just remind anyone who’s planning to travel that day are aware… of what the restrictions are,” she said.