TAKOMA PARK, Md. (WDVM) — A new poll suggests that more than 80% of voters in Montgomery County say they are concerned about the impacts of climate change.

The study was conducted by the Chesapeake Climate Action Network to get a feel on where voters stand when it comes to global warming. A bipartisan majority of Montgomery County voters agreed they would like to see a new plan. Polls show they want a concrete plan within six months by the county council and executive to significantly cut pollution.

The plan is expected to include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increase action on solar power. Nearly 69% of voters support solar power on farmland in the county. County Executive, Marc Elrich, released a climate draft plan which includes changes in transportation and new construction plans that will prohibit natural gas in new construction projects.

Chesapeake Climate Action Network Director, Mike Tidwell said, “The declaration was attended with a goal of 80% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2027 and a 100% by 2025.”

In 2017, the Montgomery County Council passed a resolution declaring a climate emergency. A roundtable discussion was held Tuesday where Elrich reviewed the draft climate action plan.