WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (Dc News Now) — In preparation for the upcoming November election, counties around the region are prepping to make sure they have enough election workers.

Washington County has seen a shortage of workers

“We were about 150 election judges short,” Board of Elections Deputy Director Barry Jackson said. “We were able to make it work, but certainly, it put a kind of a load on those who were there and we had some folks doing double duty at the polling places and maybe even triple duty sometimes.”

The call for more poll workers comes just months away from the November election.

“We have 49 polling places and we have a staff full-time staff of six people,” Jackson said. “So obviously that’s going to be impossible to run 49 polling places. So we’re going to need hundreds of local citizens, registered voters who would be willing to help out with that.

Election workers not only monitor the polls but also count ballots. The state board of elections is currently working to allow mail-in ballots to be counted earlier to help with the shortage and avoid further delays.

“The state board of elections just yesterday, decided to petition the local court to allow them and allow us as elected officials to be able to open and count mail-in ballots before election,” Jackson said. “That’ll give us a head start on those thousands of mail-in ballots.”

Washington County is still looking for people to fill about 150 election worker spots.