BALTIMORE (WDVM) — President Joe Biden made his first of several stops across the nation right in our own back yard in Baltimore, after the bipartisan, trillion-dollar infrastructure bill finally made its way through Congress and onto his desk this past week.

WDVM’s Randi Bass was inside the President’s event at the Port of Baltimore listening in on his remarks.

President Biden made big promises about the bill’s impacts during his Wednesday afternoon remarks along the Baltimore waterfront.

“This bill is going to reduce the cost of goods, to consumers, businesses, and get people back to work,” said Biden.

With several Democrats joining the President at the port, Congressman Kweisi Mfume (D-Md.) was excited for the billions of dollars in funding for Maryland’s infrastructure and what it means to the rest of the nation.

“The sun is setting on the day, but it is rising on the ability of our nation to fix ourselves up again to take care of bridges and roadways and highways, and broadband,” said Mfume.

Aside from America’s future under funding from the infrastructure bill, Biden also addressed supply chain issues domestically and abroad.

“We’ve got higher demands for goods and services at the same time we’re seeing disruptions in the supplies to make those goods,” Biden said.

The President says his administration is working to tackle those persistent supply chain issues by speaking with large corporations and shipping hubs.

“I spoke personally with the CEOs of Walmart and Target, and they assured me the stores will have stocked shelves this holiday,” Biden said.

As for the rest of Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, he says he’s not done yet.

“The reason I started calling this ‘Build Back Better’, is we’re the only country in the world, in history, that after every crisis we’ve faced we come back better on the other side,” Biden said.
Democrats backed the President up, saying this is not the end of the Build Back Better agenda and it doesn’t stop here with the infrastructure bill.