MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Chief of Police, Marcus Jones, held a press conference Monday following an officer-involved shooting.

On Friday, July 16, employees at a McDonalds located on Flower Hill Way in Gaithersburg, called 911 becuase a customer refused to pay in the drive-thru.

When officers arrived, they found a handgun in the front seat. They told the driver to get out of the car, he didn’t obey and ended in a deescalation and negotiation period that lasted nearly 30 minutes. Officers say it looked like the driver had the gun in his hand and pointed it towards, and they fired back.

Community members including the victims father are skeptical of the investigators account. The father, who was able to review the body camera footage, said it’s not entirely clear if his son had a gun in his hand.

“We as a police officer, hopefully we never discharge our weapons and use deadly force.,” said Jones during the press conference. “Our hearts are with the family of Mr. Ryan Lerouz, as well as our officer responded to Friday’s evening call.”

A group of protesters were barred from attending the press conference. They told WDVM 25 that they were told by officials that they were at capacity inside the room. They were also apparently told that they’d be let in the room when more space become available, but that didn’t happen either.

“They tend not to be transparent, not accountable,” said Bob Veiga with the Silver Spring Justice Coalition.

Police say they will release the body camera footage when the investigation is complete.