PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (DC NEWS NOW) — Prince George’s County is set to enforce a 30-day curfew for youth ages 16 & under beginning Friday night.

The curfew was put in place to reduce violent crime amongst kids and teens after August was “the deadliest month in the county’s history.” The curfew is Sunday-Thursday from 10 p.m. to 5 am, and Friday-Saturday from midnight to 5 a.m.

DC News Now spoke with Prince George’s County Parks & Recreation to see how they are preparing ahead of the curfew taking effect. Their program called “Xtreme Teens” is anticipating a potential increase in kids coming to recreation centers.

“We were talking to our staff saying, ‘Hey, be prepared,” said Ju’Wann Jones, recreation and event coordinator for youth services at Department of Parks and Recreation in Prince George’s County. “This weekend on Friday and Saturday, we are having our teen open house to re-introduce Teen Night back into the communities.”

Xtreme Teens will be holding the open house events from 7pm-10pm at various recreation centers across the county.

“Hopefully from there, we can get going a lot of back to school nights, so we can connect with the parents too,” said Jones.

The open houses are aimed at attracting more youth, in an effort to provide a fun, safe and educational alternative.

The recreation centers offer various activities, from swimming, to music classes, and fun events like “Sundae Saturday.”

As the curfew takes effect, Xtreme teens is preparing for a potential increase in the number of kids coming to the recreation centers.

The program is working on hiring more help to accommodate that potential increase.
The county is also asking outside agencies to bring in workshops and sponsorships to support these programs.