UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (DC News Now) — There’s a need for more officers in Prince George’s County, and the county’s police department is offering a $10 to $15 thousand signing bonus to join their team.

“We want to be competitive, you know, in this market as far as hiring law enforcement officers, and so to keep up with that demand with the other agencies,” said Sgt. Nicole Black.

As crime increases in the area, Black says having more officers lightens the load.

“Whenever you can increase the number of officers, that will always be a plus. That always helps to saturate certain areas to have more officers in areas that could be considered a higher crime area to do high visibility,” she said.

They’re hoping to add to their diverse team.

“Our department reflects our community as a whole. This is a very inclusive workplace. So with that being said, we want everyone to know that yes, we welcome everyone here,” she said.

The county has a 30 by 30 initiative. The goal is to have 30% of women make up their law enforcement by 2030.

“Women in law enforcement make up about 20% of law enforcement. I think the number is even smaller as far as women in positions of like, command staff for like deputy chief of chiefs,” said Black.

To apply for an officer position, you must be 21 or older, have a valid driver’s license, and be a U.S. citizen. For the cadet program, you must be 17-19 years old. As for benefits outside of the signing bonus- Black says they have a good retirement plan, and you can take home your cruiser.

“Officers can save probably approximately four or $500 a month because they’re allowed to have a take-home cruiser, you know, so there are a lot of perks regarding growth in the department,” she said.

Above all, she says it’s all about the impact on the community.

“It could just be something simple as being just a listening ear or being there to help someone that makes a huge difference, and it makes a huge impact,” said Black.

For more information on how to apply, you can visit pgpolice.org.