CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. (DC News Now) — A man who had his car stolen in Prince George’s County is frustrated tonight with police. His car was just found after it had been missing for weeks, but he’s now dealing with speeding tickets issued after his vehicle was stolen.

Friday afternoon Rick Logan learned his stolen car was found banged up and damaged.

“Here we are today where they just found my car all crunched up, and I got two cameras speeding tickets from them stealing my car,” said Logan.

Nearly 2 weeks ago Logan was dealing with a car being stolen from his auto shop in Capitol Heights, he got a call from his mom that their Hyundai was stolen from their home.

Surveillance video captured two people trying to unlock the doors for more than 10 minutes.
Once they succeed, they drive off.

“I think they’re trying to repeat what they see on TikTok, and then they’re not good at it,” he said.

The recent TikTok trend shows people using USBs to break in and start Kia and Hyundai cars that use a key and are not pushed to start.

Logan and his mom tried filing a police report but were later told the report was canceled.

“My mom called me and told me they canceled the request twice. I don’t know why,” said Logan.

“I need an explanation why he will steal my car and it’s not important and never shows up and they will call back,” he continued.

A few days later he received two speeding tickets from the City of Seat Pleasant.

“Same camera, same spot doing 70mph in a 30mph and 53mph in a 30 mph. I feel violated like you stole my car just to have fun,” he said.

Now Logan and his mother are left with the damage and few solutions.

“If they did the job, right the tag should have come up as a stolen car and so that lets me know that PG is not doing their job as they should,” he said.

“I feel better now that the car has been found. I’m still not going to keep it regardless, especially if it’s crashed up,” he continued.

DC News Now reach out to the police to learn why the police report was canceled but we have not received a response yet.