HYATTSVILLE, Md. (DC News Now) — Northwestern High School was temporarily placed on lockdown Wednesday afternoon after an armed robbery on the school’s football field, the Hyattsville Police Department said.

Northwestern High School sent a letter to families saying that the school was placed on lockdown from 1:35 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. while police and school security searched it.

Police said that the armed robbers targeted a student on the football field. They initially thought that the armed robber ran back into the school, which prompted the lockdown. Police did catch one of the suspects, who is a student, but that suspect was unarmed.

The student was taken into custody, and the lockdown was lifted. Police were looking for other suspects who were involved.

“I’m very concerned, it’s getting worse being at Northwestern High School. It’s dangerous, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it,” Michelle Campbell, a parent at the school, said.

Campbell said she was frustrated because this was not the first time there has been a heavy police presence at the school this school year.

“They’ve had more than one incident this year, they’ve had like several already, and we’re just in the middle of the year. So it is getting progressively worse,” she said.

In September 2022, three teens were arrested for having weapons on school grounds. There was no lockdown, but police were on the scene investigating. In October of last year, the school was placed on lockdown out of precaution after rumors of violent threats.

Another incident happened in June of 2022 when a student brought a gun to school and the school was placed on lockdown for hours.

Campbell said she takes extra steps by picking up and dropping her child off to ensure he’s safe, and she wants the school system to do its part.

“Put these kids with these metal detectors. They need to stop these incidents from happening, from people being able to bring something into the school, [or] somebody to be able to do anything in the schools,” she said.

Nobody was injured in the incident. Police were still investigating and did not know how many suspects were involved in the robbery.