LARGO, MD. (DC News Now) — It’s hard not to notice the number of new townhomes being built across Prince George’s County, but leaders are concerned that there are too many being built in certain areas.

“When you put denser development in areas that are not fit for the character of denser development, you have an infrastructure problem,” said District 6 County Council member Wala Blegay.

A new bill aims to build ‘smarter’ in Prince George’s County by limiting townhome construction in certain areas of the county. If passed it will pause townhome developments for the next 2 years.

Michael Bridges with Concerned Citizens of Prince George’s County lives near Church Rd. in Bowie. Building more housing in small areas is something he’s been complaining about for years.

“It’s a very small country road and the traffic is already close to maximum capacity. We just don’t see how we’re not going to be affected when you dump 500 more homes there,” said Bridges.

Blegay says the bill would encourage developers to build homes in more transit areas like the blue line corridor, which can maintain the capacity.

“To bring true economic development to the county, we should be building in transit-oriented areas because that’s where you’re going to bring the jobs, that’s where the offices are gonna come, that’s where the employers want to be,” she said.

The bill will still allow single-family homes to be built in any area.

Blegay says the county needs to focus more on putting in more amenities and businesses before building more townhomes.

“You’re saturating your community, but it really doesn’t bring the amenities that people want and they want amenities. So we have to focus our development on amenities,” said Blegay.

“We want residents to know is that wherever you go, you’re going to have your neighborhood school, you’re going to have the proper roads, you’re going to have the proper you’re going to have commercial development, even walkable communities near you,” she continued.

The bill will go to the planning, housing, and economic development committee. A hearing will be scheduled in the next few weeks.