HILLCREST HEIGHTS, Md. (DC News Now) — Some condominium owners in a Prince George’s County building said they are dealing with leaks and living with mold.

The owners said the issue is starting outside of their unit, which means the “condo” association should be taking care of it, and owners say they’re not handling it properly.

“I had water coming in through the air vent, and then after that, it’s always been in my bedroom,” said longtime condo owner Jeffrey Callaham.

Callaham has lived at Windsor Crossing condos for more than a decade. He said that during that time, he’s dealt with a lot of leaking. It first started in the dining room area which was repaired, but it’s happening too often in his bedroom.

“[It’s] always patchwork, so tarring over the nails, but that will wear off due to conditions anytime a heavy rain or snow. It’ll start the leaking process all over again,” he said.

Callaham said that the water was coming from the roof. He wants the condo association to fix it.

“Replace the roof, first and foremost. From that, take care of the ceiling in my bedroom. Make sure that that doesn’t have any mold issues and get that gutted out,” he said.

Another owner who did not want to be on camera said he struggled with mold after a leak. When he notified the condo association, they attempted to fix the issue but the owner’s contractors showed us it wasn’t repaired properly which could lead to the growth of more mold.

Now, the owner is responsible for repairs totaling over $1,700, and he doesn’t believe that is fair since the leaking did not start inside his unit.

Peter Jones, another longtime condo owner, also had a leaking problem coming from the unit above him. He said he’s frustrated with the process of the condo association.

“I just think the management on the board needs to be very more succinct and more clear and a little more proactive and identify and say yes, we know these leaks are a problem. Yes, they are ongoing. What we want to do is come up with a generic form that will give us what they think the solution could be to minimize them or reduce them and the cost of that is this,” he said.

We did reach out to the condo association and their lawyers but we haven’t gotten a response back yet.