DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Md. (DC News Now) — Several people in Prince George’s County came together to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in District Heights on Saturday.

First responders turned on their sirens and community members honked their horns as they drove down Capitol Heights Blvd, in District Heights, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. They all made their way to Oakcrest Community Center for a “celebration of the dream.”

The event was hosted by community non-profit Together We Can.

“I want people to understand what the dream is, what the dream meant, what dr. King actually stood for that the king stood to fight for the dream. He stood for us to be able to move, and a lot of us wouldn’t be in a position that we’re in now if.. it had not been for dr. King, and history,” said Jeanette Brandon, founder of Together We Can.

Many county leaders and community members got on stage reflecting on Dr. King’s impact in their lives and in Prince George’s County.

“This is how we continue our battles and continue to make sure that we are great, to make sure that we fight social injustice, to make sure that we have togetherness, to make sure that we’re able to elevate each other. This is what this weekend is about,” said Prince George’s County Sheriff John Carr.

Some people gave speeches, some sang inspirational songs, and others read Dr. King’s I have a dream speech to remind people of his legacy and message.

State’s attorney Aisha Braveboy even took the time to address the youth in the audience. A group the county has been trying to reach more.

“We are still worth fighting for and all of you are worth fighting for. So we have to be compassionate, we have to have consequences but we also have to give you hope right?,” said Braveboy during her speech.

12-year-old Yadiel Bustillo took the stage to share dr. King’s influence on his own life

“He inspired me to follow my own dreams and to work hard in order to get something that I need. The motivation mostly was to inspire others to follow their dreams mostly, like Martin Luther King Jr. He felt he had so many accomplishments, and he did not stop. So I just want to let other people know that they can do anything and to follow their dreams,” said Yadiel Bustillo.

Community members say peace, love and change must begin with community.

“Together we can if we continue to do things together, we continue to fight. We continue to push our leaders and support our leaders and support the community. We will far we just beginning but we are just getting ready to go far,” said Brandon.