TEMPLE HILLS, Md. (DC News Now) — The family of a Washington, D.C. man who was shot and killed by a now former Prince George’s County police officer in 2020 is frustrated after learning he was offered a plea deal.

The victim was 43-year-old William Green. His cousin, Nikki Owens, said she’s devastated and angry about what she found out just a few days before the trial. The former officer, Michael Owen Jr., was offered a plea deal for Voluntary Manslaughter instead of Second-degree Murder.

After reaching out to the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office several times about the death of their loved one, they finally got a response.

“I had maintained a little bit of hope that we might get a little bit of accountability and let my anger subside and just said [to myself] Nikki just have faith that these people will do the right thing. I’ve held that, but that day I let that go,” said Owens.

“They told us in light of new evidence, we’ve decided to offer him a plea deal of voluntary manslaughter and the two lesser charges. We were like, what this wasn’t manslaughter what do you mean, this was murder,” she said.

In January 2020 officers responded to a car accident that involved Green in Temple Hills. They believed he was under the influence of a substance. Green was handcuffed and placed in the front seat of the patrol car as they waited for a drug recognition expert.

Minutes later, Col. Michael Owen Jr. entered the vehicle and moments later Green was shot 7 times. Owen was arrested and charged with second-degree murder a day later.

“He was a good guy. He didn’t deserve this. We definitely, he deserves better than this,” said Green’s cousin.

In 2021 the family was given a $20 million dollar settlement from the county.

Now just days before the trial is set to begin, they learned a plea deal is on the table.

“I want the judge to know this is a dangerous man and he needs to serve the time. Even if the judge doesn’t throw out this plea. I want them to know that the citizens of PG County are watching, the citizens of PG County are listening and that the people of PG County are going to fight for change so that another family doesn’t have to do this,” she said.