PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) –On Tuesday, residents of Hyattsville took to the polls to vote for their next mayor and council members for five wards.

The polls at the municipal building opened at 7 a.m., and there was a somewhat steady flow of people coming to cast their ballots.

People who received a mail-in ballot returned their ballots to one of three secure drop boxes around the city. One of those secure boxes was at the municipal building.

City officials said same-day registration and in-person voting were also available on Tuesday.

“For this election we have over 11,000 residents of Hyattsville registered to vote. Doing our no excuses tour, I think we got over 200 registered to vote, so it was really successful for us,” said Laura Reams, the Hyattsville City Clerk and Director of Communications.

The city took several steps to make sure people could have all the information before voting on Tuesday. It was called the “No Excuses Voter Registration Tour.”

During the tour, they held voter registration at a library, a Spanish-language voter registration event, and a City Anniversary Fest.

The finale of the tour is Tuesday night with Election Fest starting at 5 p.m. The event includes free ice cream, food, a bouncy house, and other family fun activities and music.

In the last part of the tour today officials said they included activities for voters younger than 16.

“In Hyattsville, you can vote at 16 but we’re asking 15 and under, a very important question; is a hotdog a sandwich? I don’t know you tell me. Is it a sandwich? So it’s just a fun engaging way for us to get the youth of Hyattsville involved and kind of start that culture of voting really young,” said Reams.

John Vosmek, a Hyattsville resident dropped off his mail-in ballot on Tuesday morning at the city building.

“If you live in Hyattsville, most likely you at least know your council person and have talked to them one on one more multiple times. And probably have met the mayor,” said Vosmek. “I will always vote in an election but I think in our local elections especially you feel that much more connected to what’s going on,” he added.

The elected mayor and council members will take their oath of office on June 5