HYATTSVILLE, Md. (DC News Now) — Four lifeguards were recognized on Wednesday for saving the life of a 7-year-old child after drowning in a Prince George’s County pool back in June.

On June 5, it was all hands on decks when lifeguards worked together at Hamilton Splash Park to save the child’s life. It was a crucial moment, when all their training and quick thinking went into action.

The lifeguards said the greatest award is knowing the child is alive.

“I saw him and he was just flat down on the water and it was like now or never,” one of the lifeguards, Caleb Guzman, said. “We pulled him out and did what we had to do. My mind was gone. I just knew I had to focus on the kid.”

Another lifeguard, Jordan Everhardt, said the child was not speaking and his eyes were closed.

“We did compressions,” Everhardt said. “After a little while, he spit up water and he started breathing.”

He was immediately rushed to the hospital and is now doing fine.

“Especially with all the resources that were there and everyone that was able to work together, we were able to see the good that came out of what we were able to do,” one of the first responders said.

On Wednesday, Prince George’s County Fire Chief, Tiffany Green, awarded each of the lifeguard for their life saving efforts.

“I wanted to see the kid that would be like my award, seeing him move and walk,” said Jalen DaSilva.

DaSilva said their biggest message to everyone is for parents to pay attention to their children.

“Just be more attentive to your kid and try to give them swim lessons at least. Things like this could happen without you even knowing,” he said.

Green is encouraging the public to take advantage of the CPR classes offered by the county.